Compas | Luna y Media

Special for 30 years celebration of Suzanne Dellal. ‘Luna y Media’ – A performance that examines the faces within the context of Israeli femininity at its confrontation with radical situations in the local reality: grief versus joy, violence and aggressiveness, mourning, loneliness and estrangement. ‘Luna y Media’ is energetic and rhythmical. It engages the observer through various images and scenes, each one different from the other. The connection between these scenes is personal and associative.
The show employs metaphors and concepts from the flamenco world through:
• Unique choreography: eight performers bringing together the flamenco through classic and modern dance, including the art of the Thai-Chi.
• Original music: performed live by three musicians, integrates the sound of flamenco, ambient, classic and Trip Hop. The result is a new musical language!
• Visual perception: that using masks, costumes – sometimes unexpected – and a fine art specialist who designs the stage’ space through the duration of the performance. The overall picture is of a different show… Innovative, daring and breaking out bounds
Choreography: Michal Natan
Musical production: Itai Shimron
Original music Musicians:
Ofir Atar – Guitar Rali Margalit – Cello Itai Shimoron – keyboard, computer, bass guitar and accordion Fine art specialist: Yehuda Goldin
Lights: Ya’acov Baresi Marketing & Production: Keren Regev-Aviv
Dellal Hall
130 - 150₪
Dellal Hall
130 - 150₪