The Play People from different nationalities helped forge and develop Argentina; our grand and great grandparents passed on their culture, personalities, love, ethic and contradictions; this is the starting point of the show that makes us feel the real value of our lives. El Equilibrista reminds us what we´ve forgotten due to everyday life, it connects us to our inner self and brings us closer to who we really are.

MAURICIO DAYUB AWARDS ACE GOLDEN AWARD 2019 ESTRELLA DE MAR GOLDEN AWARD 2020 KONEX PLATINUM AWARD 2021 OFF THEATRE: Writer, actor and producer of El Amateur, this 17 awarded played was performed in five different countries, it has three book editions as well as a film version. COMMERCIAL THEATRE He plays a leading role in the Argentinean version of Toc Toc, a play that was performed during 9 years and reached over 2,753 performances. He received several awards as Best Actor in Leading Role Comedy. EL EQUILIBRISTA, acclaimed both off and commercial theatre, multi award winning play. He starts his training in the City of Santa Fe, Argentina in 1979 and makes his stage appearances in the following plays: He is granted the Fondo Nacional de las Artes´ scholarship in 1983 and studied with Carlos Gandolfo during three years. His further appearances include: Since 2003, Dayub and his partners from SIN CONTACTO PRODUCTIONS run their own venue –Chacarerean Thetare- in Palermo, Buenos Aires.


Script: Patricio Abadi, Mariano Saba, Mauricio Dayub
Director: César Brie
Performer: Mauricio Dayub
Script: Patricio Abadi, Mariano Saba y Mauricio Dayub
Director: César Brie
Assistant Director: Paolo Sambrini
Costume and scenery design: Gabriella Gerdelics
Lighting set design: Graciela Galán
Lighting design :Ricardo Sica y Equipo creativo EE
Music: Pablo Brie
Photos: Marcos López
Mapping drawings: Milo Lockett
Lighting design making: Pablo Gómez
Sound operator and Mapping: Paolo Sambrini
Slackline and stagehand: Samael Nubile
Musical arrangements: Matías Wilson Portable elements: Mariano Indij, Alfredo Godoy Wilson y Lucía Lossada
Lighting back set assistant: Mariela Solari
Lighting back set making: Gabriela Kohatus
Costume making: Lidia Benítez, Elena Faranda
Wigs: Roberto Mhor
Animation: Micaela Monti, Guillermo Pérez
Graphic Design: Pablo Bologna Video making: Antonio Dayub, Lalo Lemma
Press: Carolina Alfonso
Executive producer: Micaela Labanca Touring
executive producer: Francisco Hails
General producer: Mauricio Dayub
Artist manager: Pedro Rosón
International Tour Producer: La Querente / Lino Patalano / Silvia Baro and Pentagrama

Yaron Yerushalmi Hall
Yaron Yerushalmi Hall
Yaron Yerushalmi Hall