Nimrod Freed/ Tami Dance Company CRASH – TENNIS IN THE SKY WITH ISADORA

“Crash – Tennis in the Sky with Isadora” + Guest Artist Hillel Kogan: Three different short shows in one evening. Crash – Nimrod Freed, an international choreographer in Israel and around the world, brings together Mami Shimazaki, a wonderful Japanese dancer/creator who has lived in Israel for many years and danced as a soloist in the Bat sheva Dance Company -to perform with Sharon Atar – a groundbreaking musician / drummer & guitarist. Their joint duet creates a clash between different cultures and dance styles that becomes harmony, while creating an authentic movement language and an exciting stage experience – in a surprising dialogue between live music, dance, speech, and singing. “Tennis in the sky with Isadora”- The tennis game and the uncompromising struggle of the tennis player for victory as an image of our war for survival here and now. To attack, defend, lose and win – from the personal and the intimate to the political and the social. With authentic sound from the tennis court combined with trance music. Homage to Isadora Duncan – the pioneer of modern dance and the first dancer to perform barefoot. And Hillel Kogan in his wonderful solo – “Indecent Movement”.
Nimrod Freed’s work is known as a fascinating fusion of artistic mediums, in authentic movement language, unique to him, with high aesthetic values that provides an exciting experience for the audience – contemporary, passionate, unusual, brave and uncompromising dance theater. His work also deals with dance in the public space – in urban spaces and in nature. Has lived in N.Y.C for 10 years – performed with the KEI TAKEI’ s Moving Earth Company & more. One of the founders of the Choreographers Association& Artistic director of various projects. Founded his Nimrod Freed / Tami Company as the winner of the Steinmetz Family Foundation grant, the 2 X Artist Award – Habima The National Theater and other grants and awards as well. Performances around the world, on five continents: Australia, Japan, USA, South Africa, India, China, Singapore, Europe – Germany, Poland, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Cyprus and more. And in Israel – the Israel Festival, and in many festivals and communities in Israel. Senior lecturer at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Holds an MA from Columbia University. Created for dance companies around the world.

“CRASH” – Choreography: Nimrod Freed | Dancer collaborator: Mami Shimazaki | Live Original Music & Drums, Guitar: Sharon Attar | Costumes : Jenifer Kim | Costumes stylist: Omri David Ben Avi | Art: Talia Freed | Light: Amir Castro | Producer: Atalia Baumer Inspired by: ״Do you love me״ -Johnny Thunders& the heart breakers “TENNIS IN THE SKY WITH ISADORA” – Choreography: Nimrod Freed | Dancer/Collaborator: Mami Shimazaki| Music: 20syl – Game set & match
 Radiohead – Good Evening Mrs Magpie [Modeselektor RMX] David Bowie – Station To Station
Funkadelic – Maggot Brain
| Music editor: Harel Tsemah | Costumes Design: Mami Shimazaki | Light: Amir Castro | Stage Design: Talia Freed | Producer: Atalia Baumer | OBSCENE GESTURE- Choreography, Text & Dance: Hillel Kogan | Light: Amir Castro |

Photograph : ITAMAR FREED

Yaron Yerushalmi Hall