Noa Zuk | The Speech

Noa Zuk – The Speech

“This is the first time that I create a long solo work for myself. The work uses movement material from previous pieces, put in a new context, as well as new ideas and materials. Out of a dialogue with my own past and its implications on my life today and on the unknown future, my work has emerged, attempting to consolidate the times.   I dance since I can remember. The feeling is that dance chose me and not the other way around, is still prominently present in my life. I investigate my own being in movement, in every moment, and by doing so I fulfill myself. This work crystallized slowly, without pre-planning, after spending a long while in an elongated nothingness, in liquid time, lost in thoughts about an unknown future. Layers of familiar defenses were shed off during this period in my life. A wide range of feelings had surfaced, carrying with it new cravings and longings and a desire to go back to the elementary experience of meeting myself by myself.”

Choreography & Performance: Noa Zuk
Artistic consultation: Keren Lurie Pardes
Music & Dramaturgic: Ohad Fishof Additional
Music: Uri Katzenstein – Yotzi 2 & We are waiting, Ishai Adar – The Singer, Janet Kay – Silly Games Costumes: Eran Shanny
Lighting: Dani Fishof Video: Daniel Pakes


Dellal Hall
80 - 110₪