Ofra Levy Yehudai – Giraffe

Giraffe “Far far away on the lake of Chad wanders a gentle giraffe” – Nikolai Gumilev
Tel Aviv, my hometown is flooded with huge cranes – to me they looked like Giraffes wandering through the city. From there the idea was born and the journey began. As in my previous works, the production combines video, dance, music, theater, animation, and cultural icons. These connections between the various media takes the audience on a visual journey that moves between the actual and the abstract.
“At what moment did a house cease to be a house? When the roof is removed above it? When dismantling windows? When the walls collapse? At what point a house becomes a pile of construction debris?” – Paul Auster THE INVENTION OF SOLITUDE

Creator: Ofra Levy Yehudai
Directed by: Ofra Levy Yehudai
Choreography: Egor Menshikov
Video Editor: Yarden Kum
Lighting Design: Shay Yehudai
Costume Design: Atalya Ben MenachemI
Dancing: Egor Menshikov, Tchelet Har-Yam, Joseph Aitken, Niv Arbel, Peter Starr, Roni Sheps

Dellal Hall
90 - 120₪