Renana Raz – Sixteen Strings and One Body



A fascinating encounter between the choreographer and dancer Renana Raz and the Toscanini String quartet  (Members of the Israel philharmonic orchestra.

The string quartet invites a new member to this long lasting traditional formation .It forces them to be more attentive to the nuances in Renana’s dance.

We invite you to an unusual

concert – musical storytelling through movement.



choreography and performance: Renana Raz

1st violin: Jenia Pikovski

2nd violin: Asaf Maoz

Viola: Dima Ratush

Cello: Felix Nemirovsky

Rameau – parts from Les Indes Galante

Ravel – string quartet in F Major

Beethoven – movements from quartet op 18 no.4

Tarnegolim medley


Dellal Hall