Rina Schenfeld Dance Theatre – The Diary

Dancer-choreographer Rina schenfeld will premiere a new work – The Diary – The performance was created out of the experience of living under lockdown. The program includes four works that correspond with one another, reflecting the sensations, insights, and feelings with which Rina contended as a creative artist, a dancer, and a writer during the COVID19 pandemic. 1.”the diary” 2.”my song” 3.”my radiant island” 4.”where from here?” the first three parts of the evening are solos performed by Rina Schenfeld. In this work Rina has a conversation with her poems, her voice, and her body . The third part “ My Radiant Island” , a work which includes a video by the artist Orna Elstein The forth part of the evening “where from here?” will be performed by the company- Six dancers create and ask “where do we go from here?”


Rina Schenfeld – a dancer, choreographer and Director of a Dance company & School, began her career in the Batsheva Company as one of its founders, as a choreographer and chief dancer who performed the main roles created by the greatest choreographers and won a great acclaim worldwide. The New York Times defined her as “One of the most important dancers of our generation”. Others named her “Queen mother of Israeli Dance”, “The ‘High Priest’ of Israeli Dance”,”A Walking Legend”. In 1979 she founded the Rina Schenfeld Dance Theatre and created some 100 works of dance programs for solo and troupe performances which have been staged on the most prominent venues in the world. Rina Schenfeld invented and developed a unique dance language which uses objects and materials that highlight and enhance the human body. Her artistic work in Israel and abroad has won her recognition, appreciation and prestigious prizes.

“the diary”, “my song” ,”my radiant island”
Dancer, choreographer, poems and narrator : rina schenfeld
Music: ketil bjornstad, david darling, Shalom Hanoch, and Yehudit Ravitz, birds sounds, mum.
Video: “my radiant island” painting by orna elstein
Light design: ilia filshtein

“where from here”?
Choreographer ,poems and narrator: rina schenfeld
Music: yaz kaz, birds sounds, Shalom Hanoch, and Yehudit Ravitz
Dancers and creators: Johanna offer, atalya zehavi, ayala yaacov, lena rykner, denise klein, ohad kalmy
Light design: ilia filshtein