Rina Schenffeld Dance Theatre – “a poem in my hand”& “no words”

"a poem in my hand" Solo Rina Schenfeld
an intimate dialogue between the dancer and her poems, the images of the video and the reflection of her own shadow.. a poetic dance based on day to day life. inspired by the masks painted by her grandchildren "no words" the company six dancers..humans, alone and together, seperate and united in their search for answers..

Choreographer: Rina Schenfeld
Dancers: Rina Schenfeld & the company
Music: Ketil Bjornstad, Natan Zach & Shalom Chnoch, YAZ KAZ, MUM
Lighting Design: Ilya Feldshtein
Costume Design: Sason Kedem


Rina Schenfeld is one of the foremost dance artists in Israel. Rina Schenfeld was born in Tel AVIV, At the age of 12 started her study in classical ballet with a Russian teacher Mia Arbatoba (for 7 years),after that she was fascinated by Martha Graham's performance in Israel and decided to switch to modern dance and studied Graham technique with Rene Gluck and soon performed in her Dance Company. After her graduation, Rina came back to Israel and established a company of 11 dancers, as a principal dancer of the Batsheva Dance Company, where she was engaged from its foundation in 1963 until 1979. After 20 years, Rina left Bat Sheva Dance Company in order to establish the “Rina Schenfeld" Dance theatre, in which she directs a dance company, a school, and a workshop. She formed "open windows", in which the audience is invited to watch closely and in an intimate atmosphere Rina's art and to study, through lectures and films, the many different artists that influenced her way, and watch young artists in the beginning of their career.


Studio Zehava & Jack
Studio Zehava & Jack