Rotem Volk | The Hidden Safari

Rotem Volk | The Hidden Safari – Theatrical-miniature tour for kids ages 4-7

Did you know there is a secret safari right under your nose?

Rotem the Safari guide will wait for you at the meeting point. Every participant will receive a pair of binoculars and together we will discover all the little “animals” hiding in the most surprising places. Our journey will lead us through an elephant march, a hungry tribe of Giraffes and even a thrilling battle between a tiger and a zebra.
The Hidden Safari is a theatrical-miniature tour for kids that takes place in urban nature spots and public gardens. At the end of the tour- a short creative DIY activity inspired by it. The tour will take place outside. 
Created and performed by: Rotem Volk

Originally produced and premiered at The International Puppet Theatre Festival, The Train Theatre, Jerusalem 2016. Zoooo Project, Artistic Directors: Shahar Marom and Hadas Ophrat.

Rotem Volk is a multidisciplinary performance artist and educator based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Rotem holds a B.Ed. in Theatre Directing and Teaching from The Kibutzim College of Education, Technology and Arts, Tel Aviv (2010) and has graduated with distinction from the Performance Making MA course at Goldsmiths University, London (2013). She creates for both stage and outdoors, mainly focusing on site specific performances while using sound, video, text and choreography. Her works are often immersive, engaging with the urban environment and offering alternative intimate tours in the city. Rotem has presented work in various festivals, exhibitions and alternative platforms in Israel and Europe including Art Night London, Tate Modern, Israel Festival, Intimadance (Tmuna Theatre) and more. She is a lecturer in the Community Theatre and Artivism department in Tel Aviv University and also works as a teacher and educational program developer for kids, adults and young professionals at Liebling Haus- The White City Center in Tel Aviv

Photo: Dor Kedmi