Stravinsky / Nijinsky's Rite of spring received the most interpretations for stage. Although I always knew I would touch on this material, until a year ago I did not feel I had anything interesting to say about it, what is more I have to admit I was even afraid to touch it. The work and its progress are determined by the action of the audience. In fact, the unwritten agreement between me and them is that I do not move voluntarily. I can only move according to the tension created at the connection points between us through the ropes. I refer to this solo as a realistic performative action that does not undertake to repeat itself but to be formed according to the desires of the audience and an unplanned coincidence. A decision that leaves room for new things to happen each time and tell a personal story about each of the participants if any of them pull the rope. Each group of people defines my movement differently and tells about the desires and goals of each individual and a temporary community caught up in my private sacrifice ceremony.

Sahar Azimi
Dancer, choreographer, dramaturg. Teacher. minister. Artistic Director. As a dancer he has danced in several dance groups, including the Batsheva Ensemble, Klipa Theater, Inbal Dance Company, Barak Marshall Dance Company and worked with choreographers Emanuel Gat, Anat Danieli, Noa Der, Noa Wertheim, Ronit Ziv and others. Azimi has won several awards, including the Minister of Education and Culture Award for Young Choreographers 2005. Azimi artistically directed the Dance Arena Festival at the Interdisciplinary Arena in Jerusalem from 2013 to 2018. Artistically directed the 'Curtain up' Festival and the Jerusalem Academy of Dance Ensemble and was an artistic consultant to the Inbal Dance Ensemble. Since 2000, Sahar has created many works that are displayed in Israel and around the world. Wins the support of the Dance Section, Ministry of Culture since 2006 and Member of the Choreographers Association since 2002. Creates music for dance and theater works. Teacher at the Academy of Dance and Music in Jerusalem, Kibbutzim Seminar, Vertigo Dancer Courses, Research school of dance, University of Illinois – (winner of the Schusterman Scholarship 2011).

A very springy rite
Creation and performance: Sahar Azimi
Costume and props: Sahar Azimi
Music: Rite of spring by Stravinsky

Studio Ora