Sally Anne Friedland Dance Company | Premiere Zebra

Two women of different ages try in their own way and sometimes together, to confront the social and political reality in which they live today. The work tests the limits of their characters, stretches their capacity for restraint as well as humoring them. Like the Zebra which carries stripes of contrast on its back, so do both dancers as they make their way, each with a burden on her body.

After an absence of over 30 years as a dancer on the stage, Sally Anne Friedland decides, especially in this sensitive and complex period, to put herself in the hands of the choreographers Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino, and dance herself a second time. For this journey, Sally Anne brings along Dana Marcus, a young dancer and creator who has already received awards and allocates

The work reveals patterns of weakness and strength as they face the everyday challenges of our complex times. Sally Ann Friedland’s collaboration with the two creators Kaiser and Antonino as a dramaturge in their previous works led her to a relationship of trust and intimacy and created the right ground to give them the baton of creation and shape this work.

Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino are living and working in Israel since 2013, and have a rich experience in the field of dance. Since 2002 they have been directors of “The Roof -TanzRaum” a dance space in Germany. Kaiser worked closely with Susanna Linke as a dancer and choreographer for 17 years. . The French Ministry of Culture awarded him the title of Professor of Contemporary Dance based on his international authority in this field. Antonino was invited to create at the Venice Biennale, won the Sakharov Prize, and created several works for the prestigious Paolo Grassi National Performing Art School in Milan.
Sally Anne Friedland choreographer, dancer and teacher works for 32 years in the field of dance, and served as a judge on various committees and wrote on dance magazines in Israel and around the world. Her works, performed with different dancers that she carefully selects, have been presented at Susan Dellal and on various stages in Israel and the world As an appreciation for her important work over the years, she won the Emmy award price, which was given to her in November 2022.


Creators: Avi Kaiser, Sergio Antonino and Sally Anne Friedland
Performers: Dana Markus and Sally Anne Friedland
Directors: Avi Kaiser Sergio Antonino
Sound-Inbal Dushy
Visual design- Dalit Inbar
Photographer – Sharon Zindany


Studio Zehava & Jack
55 - 110₪
Studio Zehava & Jack
55 - 110₪