Shaden Dance Company | When the Body Remembers Premiere!

Shaden Dance Company | “When the Body Remembers”

The performance “When the Body Remembers” addresses the post-traumatic experience that occurred following the Nakba and its trans-generational impact, as if it’s contagious. The trauma caused by the Nakba nests under each of our skins and floats on the body planes in the form of psychological and physical disorders.

What happens to the nervous system after a traumatic event, how do the respiratory system, blood circulation, digestive system, joints, and spine react? How does muscle tension and relaxation occur? And how does all of this relate to the interaction between the mind, soul, spirit, intuition, instinct, and energy?

“When the body remembers” is a physical interpretation that encompasses instances of fall, resurrection, rebellion, and decline.

It’s similar to a musical piece or an abstract painting in that once you start looking for its meaning, the taste of the music fades and the lines of the painting fossilize.

About The company

“Shaden Dance Company for Contemporary Dance” includes Palestinian dancers between the ages of 18-27. The company strives to be a home for Palestinian dancers who have chosen to specialize in the field of dance. 

Shaden dance company aims to create a connection with the general public, by performing in public spaces and locating dance at the center. Thus, stimulating the subject of the body in the political, social, cultural, artistic and aesthetic sense.

The Choreographer’s BIO

Shaden Abu-Elasal is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. She lives and works in Nazareth, where she established a set of educational programs and projects surrounding dance. The rationale that guides her is the desire to develop the arts of dance with an emphasis on Arab society, creating a free space for the school’s students, professional development, and specialized accompaniment in the field of performing arts and dance. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in dance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (2001). Established and directed the Aida Contemporary Ballet and Dance School, through the AlMedina Association which she also initiated. In 2019, she founded Shaden Dance Company.

Shaden Abu El-Assal

Rand Taha
Adan Azzam
Agáta Ženíšková
Delphine Audoine
Shahd Jabareen

Lighting designer:
Omer Shizaf

Costume designer: 
Shaden Daher

Ashraf Hanna

Rehearsals director:
Natali Nimer

Music composer:
Said Murad

Performance day manager:
Aseel Qubty

Special Thanks to Dr. Adnan Abu El Heja for accompanying us throughout the process, and Hazem Kamel Aldeen for the artistic consultancy.

Photo:Issa Freij


Studio Zehava & Jack