Shani Bar Dimri | Anatomy of (un) Holding

On a white floor, a body, woman Falling, folding, laying, exists.

The body makes space for what is perceived as invisible. Anatomy of (un) Holding is a shared space to slow down and ask- Is the silent or the inanimate are really still? The gaze is invited to listen to the shapes, Allow the shivering to reverberate in the eyes, Spending time in muscular-emotional thoughts Recalling when and what we hold on to?

At the end of the show, we will take a ‘moment’ and have a conversation with Dr. Meirav Almog and choreographer Shani Bar Dimri. Moment. A conversation about time, gaze and body We will spread thoughts and ask what is time? What is curated within it? If and how the future and the past present exist in the present moment? And in what way are time, the body and the human gaze intertwined?

Shani Bar Dimri is a choreographer, performer and admirer of words, works between Israel and Netherlands. Her artistic research studies the ‘human figure’. Addressing the body as evolutionary process by letting the somatic biography lead. Participated in Suzanne Dellal Centre 1|2|3 development program for emerging choreographers. In 2023 she was selected for the ATLAS program for choreographers in ImpulsTanz.

Shani’s works has been showcased in several festivals in Israel and Netherlands. She holds a bachelor degree in Dance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Master degree in Art Education from HMIDRASHA college. Graduated Kelim biannual choreography program. In her works she has the aspiration to touch (rather than entertain), invite an honest dialogue about our private and shared biographies.

 Meirav Almog (PhD), is a philosophy lecturer at Kibbutzim College. She specializes in twentieth century continental philosophy, in particular, phenomenology and aesthetics. Her research interests and publications concern questions regarding corporeality and alterity, dialogue and intersubjective relations, and the relations between style and human existence.

Choreography by Shani Bar Dimri
Performance by Rotem Greenberg
Light and Sound design: Omer Boulanger Cohen
Dramaturgy: Doron Gallia-Kind
Photographer: Richard Beukelaar

The creation premiered in September 2022, and got supported by Independent Makers Foundation, and the creation started as part of 1|2|3- a development program for emerging choreographers in Suzanne Dellal Centre. The program was established with the assistance of the Lottery Council for Culture and the Arts.

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