Sharon Eyal | Gai Behar -OCD Love

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It's about love that always misses, or lovers who keep missing each other. Out of sync. Like one person comes to bed and the other gets up. Like something that is full and intact, but has many holes in it. This work is about the holes.
"I see everything in the piece very dark, and in shadows, you and your shadow dancing.
A lot of inspiration for the work comes from the text "OCD" by Neil Hilborn.
This text is strong for me because I feel it reflects me so much. I couldn't stop reading it. For me it was already choreography, or a mold you can put your inspiration in, yourself in.
It is the first time that the core of the piece is shaped in my head, and so figurative, before we have even begun working. I know the way it feels and smells. Like the end of the world, without mercy. A smell of flowers, but very dark. Like falling into a hole and not coming back. A lot of noise, but desperation for quiet. It's not coming from a place that I want to make something sad, but something that I need to take out of myself, like a dark stone I have in my chest". Sharon Eyal

Creators: Sharon Eyal | Gai Behar
Live Music: Ori Lichtik
Dancers: Keren Lurie Pardes, Darren Devaney, Clyde Emmanuel Archer, Guido Dutilh, Dana Pajarillaga, Edit Domoszlai, Etay Axelroad. 
Lighting Design: Thierry Dreyfus 
Costumes Design: Odelia Arnold in collaboration with Sharon Eyal, Gai Behar, Rebecca Hytting, Gon Biran
Rehearsal Manager: Leo Lerus 
Technical Director: Alon Cohen 
Production Manager: Maya Manor 
Producer and Tour Manager: Roy Bedarshi
Technicians: Oren Elimelech, Yair Salman 

Colours – International Dance Festival – Stuttgart, Germany 
Sadler’s Wells – London, England 
Carolina Performing Arts – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA. 
Julidans – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Montpellier Danse 
The production of OCD LOVE was developed through a Performing Arts Residency at The Banff Centre, Canada.

Dellal Hall
Dellal Hall
Dellal Hall