Shostakovich at Dusk / New creation by Inbal Oshman

Dance to live music performed by Carmel Quartet.
In a world of ropes and restrictions, four powerful women move between freedom and bondage. Sometimes they rebel, other times they collaborate, but always on the move, searching for that elusive feeling of liberty. Strings of rope are stretched across the stage. During the performance the dancers disassemble them and use them. Created for the magnificent and expressive string quartets no. 8 & 10 by Shostakovich, performed live on stage, Inbal Oshman’s new dance piece asks what limits our freedom – either from outside or from the inside. Gentle and violent, serene and playful, Shostakovich at Dusk is a rich and manifold choreographic journey into the dark and enlightened depths of human yearning for liberation.
A World Premiere before a tour in Norway.

Inbal Oshman is an Israeli independent choreographer. Her choreography is a compound of mythical, historical and cultural elements from different worlds. Her unique artistic language often brings together bold contemporary choreography and classical live music in an inseparable interaction. Inbal has created several globally acclaimed, prize-winning dance pieces that were performed worldwide. She is the winner of the 2018 award for emerging choreographers of the Israeli ministry of culture. In 2015, she was a resident choreographer in “Kyoto Arts Center”, Japan. In 2013, Oshman was a resident choreographer in “Attakkalari Dance Company”, Bangalore, India. Her dance has been performed with a variety of musical ensembles such as “Geneva Camerata”, “New York Baroque Incorporated” and “Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra”. Inbal is a graduate of the Philosophy and History Department of Tel-Aviv University. Her work is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts.

Choreography: Inbal Oshman
Music: Dmitri Shostakovich, Quartets 8 & 10. Performed by Carmel Quartet.
Dancers: Inbar Buchbinder, Aya Degani, Julie Moret Savary, Lia Scharf.
Musicians: Rachel Ringelstein, Tali Goldberg, Tami Waterman, Shuli Waterman.
Dramaturgy: Yannets Levi.
Stage Design: Zohar Shoef.
Lighting Design: Uri Rubinstein
Costume Design: Inbal Oshman.
Rehearsal Directors: Ilana Bellhasen.
Producer: Sarit Cohen.

Dellal Hall
120 - 140₪