SOL Dance Company | GEORGET

“GEORGET” by Eyal Dadon

GEORGET is a loop that is expressed through a live dance Cinematic performance that deals with the process of our growth as a person. There is a loop to our reality, and within it there are additional loops, and it is itself within its own loop, like the infinite universe as far as we know. The thin line between reality and our realistic dream is to cross a line that takes us out of the current loop, if we succeed – it lasts for a small moment, and this is exactly the moment where we create an illusion of a decision or a choice, which we call “A change”, if at all, before entering into another loop again, Each and every one and their .GEORGET. The work consists of 3 acts: Act I – Georginio (A dance cinema broadcast in real time) Act II – George Act III – Agent G

SOL Dance Company

SOL dance company was established in 2016 by the House of Dance Association & team. The artistic team consists of seven unique dancers, a Rehearsal Director, a choreographer / Artistic Director. The dancers and the work are accessible to the audience in an intimate and human way. Already in its early years SOL dance company became an International Company after their success in the field of dance in Israel and around the world. The company was invited to perform in main and leading festivals in the international dance scene and established its name as a promising contemporary dance company with unique language and stage approach. SOL Dance Company is the house company of the House of Dance theater in Beersheba, where the team and the Founder Choreographer Eyal Dadon examine and develop their dance language and their approach in different ways to movement, society, music and life. 


“Concept & Choreography & Sound production | Eyal Dadon
Rehearsal Director & Co – Creator | Tamar Barlev
Dancers and collaborators | | Roni Ben Simon, Nadav Gal, Ori Moshe Ofri, Moran Muller, Evyatar Omessy, Or Sassi, Yuval Dadon, Gil Nemet
CEO | Dedi Alufer
Video Designer, Live camera man, Media & Artistic consult | Gil Nemet
Lighting Design | Yoav Barel
Original Lighting Design for GEORGE (part B) | Felice Ross
Tech Support and Light | Oren Elimelech
Graphic Design | Dorit Talpaz
Producer and stage manager | Shufi Elad Farkash
Tech | Emil Bader
Projection | Akraninio
Production | House of Dance
Administrative | Shimrit Cohen Nagri
House of Dance manager | Meital Levine



Dellal Hall
140 - 175₪