Tai Rona | Sprawl at Suzanne Dellal Centre

Tai Rona’s “Sprawl” events have been taking place for over three years in various spaces and contexts. In a room full of mattresses, different visual installations and musicians alternate. The participants are invited to sprawl and submerge into an active listening experience. The long duration of the event (eight hours), provides a deep immersive and therapeutic experience. The music shifts and steers the movement between wakefulness and dream. It is a choreography of gathering and deep listening.

Apart from the event itself, the well at the center of the courtyard will function as a resonance box that will echo during the day the musical movements flowing in the studio above.

Musicians and composers for dance and choreography were specially invited to participate at the Suzanne Dellal Centre “Sprawl” event.

*Each sprawler will receive a personal mattress. We recommend to bring with you pillows, blankets and any other comfy objects you might need.

Tai Rona is a DJ and producer who lives between the Amuka community and Tel Aviv. In recent years he has been developing the “Sprawl” events which occur in different places and serve as a soundtrack to the intermediate states between wakefulness, sleep and dream.

Among other things, Tai DJs in night clubs in Israel and around the world and composes soundtrack for film and choreography.

More about Sprawl events:

Drawing: Eden Kalif

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