The Five of Us | Shared Evening

The Four of Us
Five creations, Six choreographers and seven performers – one show.

A Human Condition- by Shani Edry

We know the world as it is. The ocean is the ocean, the sky is the sky, and the sun will rise in time. The truth of our point of view is the world as far as we are concerned. Time and space lose meaning, and our daily experience becomes primary. We see the world from the outside, and at the same time, we only have a representation of the world.

Choreography and Performance: Shani Edry
Rehearsal management & Artistic advisor: Inbar Tanzer & Yankalle Filtser
Music Editing: Yuval Edry 
Voice: Oz Assael

Shani is a professional dancer, an independent creator and a master’s degree student in dance therapy.
Shani graduated from the professional dance training workshop at Kibbutz Gaaton.
Shani has danced in various projects in Israel and abroad, and in recent years she has been creating and performing her original works in events and festivals

Clay – by Rebecca Laufer and Mats van Rossum

Clay is a dance theater piece that was born from a deep rooted personal discord. In it, a couple tries to choose the optimistic side of a grim situation, and bring lightness to a darkening world around them. A piece born out of an unforeseen physical limitation. A bittersweet escape into imagination, beyond logic and reason unbound by time.

Choreography and Performance:Rebecca Laufer and Mats van Rossum
Music: Original Music by Mats van Rossum and Thomas Walschot. ‘Sundays’ by FKJ.
Premiered under the Curtain Up Festival, December 2021

Rebecca Laufer (US/IL) and Mats van Rossum (NL) founded their artistic collaboration in 2015. Based in Tel Aviv they established their common love for dance and theater. Their research is rooted in the strong dialogue between the physical realm and the one of imagination. Their work has been shown throughout Israel, Europe and the United States.

Dépendance – by Daniel Ben Ami

It haunts us wherever we go, all the time, we are aware of it, hate it but cannot live without it.

Choreography and Performance:Daniel Ben-Ami \ FLAVA D
Music: Aminals by Bonobo.

Daniel Ben Ami is a dancer and creator at the age of 21, Mostly from the Breaking and Experimental fields. He is part of ‘your troublez’ crew that represent Israel at world championships around the world and also part of MHM company (Modern Hiphop Movement), under the director of Miri Rubinov

Where OM^I ? – by Tav Zfania
Sometimes it seems we should do everything we shouldn’t do in order to find what we need to do on our own.
Where OM^I ? is a solo work that was created in reaction to an anxious experience of the self in an attempt to understand how to treat anxiety in its different forms.
Through the physical experience, the character in black is trying to understand what eases and what increases such reaction to anxiety itself. What is the need and what is the wish.
Which tools do we have that are rarely touched, and which do we tend to use more often. What is it we should avoid and what is it we yearn to use in times of need.

Choreography and Performance: Tav Zfania
Music: Amir Rimer
Music Editing: Rotem Viner Tchaikovsky

Tav Zfania is an Israeli dancer and creator, as well as contemporary and composition dance teacher.
As a dancer, she cooperated with different choreographers and companies, such as Shlomi Bitton, Oded Ronen, Anat Oz and more.
Since 2021, she started her own path as an independent choreographer, from researching the different ways to create the balance between the physical, emotional and logical, into a narrative story that communicate with the audience.

Avalanche (excerpt)- By Alex Clair

As snow has its forms of delicacy and power, we as humans are of the same.
We understand that strength can become soft in times of tumble, yet when packed up together again, its tenacity reveals.

Choreographer: Alex Clair
Dancers: Alex Clair and Shani Licht
Music: Black Lodge

Alex Clair is a freelance dancer, performer, and creator currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is working between Israel and Europe with choreographers such as Andrea Martini, Omri Drumlevich, Emilie Leriche & Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern, and Madison Hicks. She is a returning guest artist at Dance Arts Faculty in Rome, Italy as a creator, teacher, and mentor. Alex is currently teaching and working throughout Tel Aviv as well as at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.






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