The Movement Project -Connected

“This dance company is unlike anything you have seen before!”

(Shani Tamari, Israel Hayom)


This evening is combined from two pieces and is all about connections.

The Movement Project is a collective of dancers and artists founded by Erica Rintovich in 2022.

The members of the project create together original materials and also invite external choreographers to create together with them.

The project unites experienced dancers with lots of years on stage.

They all danced with wonderful companies such as Bat Dor dance company, Kibbutz contemporary dance company, The Israeli ballet, Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Polak dance company, Dresden Semperoper Ballett, Siwic Project (Zurich) and more.

Tenki – Kenan Dinkelmann (Berlin)
“The modern society and it’s intensive rhythm can sometimes throw us into alienation.

When we are in that loop it’s hard for us to feel the mutual influence we have on each other as a collective.

In TENKI, Kenan illustrates the blind materialistic lifestyle of the western world and searches for alternative ways of being together on this planet.

The dancers of The Movement Project energetically embody this search, each one of them in their individual way”.

 Stella Stegnos – Eldad Ben Sason (Israel- Germany)
“As a nomad I tend to share my experiences as stories. I also get to hear a lot of them.

The world of storytelling is rich in its forms. The common ground for all is movement.

Narrative is a paradox. It seeks to convey truth by hiding it. A storyteller arranges the story in a way that reveals it gradually, while blurring the truth.

Our non-verbal language does not require universal truth or concept. Similar to storytelling, it is an art form that travels in time and disappears. It only lives once and the rest is in our imagination”.

Erica Rintovich, the founder of the movement project, graduated from Bat Dor dance school, the Jerusalem Academy of music and dance and the professional conservatory of ballet in Madrid.

In Israel she danced with Bat Dor dance company and with the Israeli opera.

While living in Spain she worked as a freelance dancer with various choreographers in Madrid.

After coming back to Israel she graduated from the Tel Aviv University majoring in East Asian studies (B.A. & M.A.), Philosophy of science (M.A.) and musicology (B.A.).

In between the degrees she continued dancing in different projects, mainly in Zurich- the SIWIC project, where she worked with Philippe Saire among others.

Together with dance Erica is a yoga practitioner.

In the last decade she lives on the line between India and Israel and certifies yoga teachers.

Her highest vision is to establish a center for art and spirit in Israel.

Dancers co creators: Artour Astman, Erica Rintovich, Amit Yardeni, Noga Harmelin, Katri Siipola Cohen, Hila Dekel

Lighting design: Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)

Head of technical crew: Itzik Ayalon

Costume design: Noa Oz Setter

Sound design: Rotem Viner Tchaikovsky

Rehearsal management: Iris Marko

Dramaturgy: Rachel Erdos

Performance management: Rachel Erdos , Einat Betsalel

Photography: Rossello Shmaria

Video: Orel Betsalel

Graphics: Karin Shemesh

Production & management: Erica Rintovich

public relations: Sarit Biran



Dellal Hall
110 - 140₪