The Train Theater – Aviv Horowitz | Once upon a world

The Train Theater – Aviv Horowitz | Once upon a world
For Children ages 3-8; 45 min

All the way from Antarctica, a small, brave and mischievous penguin joins us on a journey around the world, away from his home. The journey reveals how similar we are to the magnificent creatures who live beside us on earth.
Two dancers embody different animals and reconnect us to the earth and nature through thier dance, humor and love for the world.
Created by: Aviv Horowitz
Direction and choreography: Aviv Horowitz and Marit Ben Israel
On stage: Aviv Horowitz and Itay Bibas
Design: Michael Horowitz and Aviv Horowitz
Music: Gil Lavie
Additional arrangements by: Omar Horowitz, Nitai Kelly
Artistic accompaniment: Marit Ben Israel
Lighting design: Amir Castro
Production: The Train Theater in partnership with the National Youth Theater
Photo: Kfir Bolotin 

Yaron Yerushalmi Hall