Throat Command

Words consolidate in the brain and get stuck in the throat. In the brain they swarm in the raw swamp of convulsive muteness, from which most will not escape. They fight one another shredding each other apart. They climb on top of one another desperate to emerge into the chilling chill of consciousness for a long enough time so they could crystallize as shape. A rescue line. At the very same time words consolidate in the throat and thrash the brain back. For the most part – the same one. sometimes they muscle up and invade relating brains, associate brains. Society happens thus in between throats. An autobiographic lecture performance piece that examines the connection between post trauma, movement disorders and the politics of visible movement and audible voice.

Rotem Tashach An independent choreographer and performer specializing in lecture performances. Dance history, Choreography, Stage skills and Acrodance teacher. Artistic co-director of Intimadance Festivals of 2013-2014. Teaches at Zuzima, Mitzpe Ramon 2020. Taught at Sapir College (2017-2018), Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance 2012-2017 and at the Kibbutz Seminar College (2012-2014). MA in Performance Studies from NYU (2019). MPS in Interactive Telecommunication from NYU (2006). BA in Art History from the TAU (2000). Selected works: Secrets Discourses and Matrices (Shamayim VaAretz Festival 2021); On the way to Throat Command (2021); BN2 (2018); It’s All Good (2016); Paved Life (2012); Polished Concrete made for the Israel Museum in Jerusalem (2011), Hudud (2011), Monuments (2010), Corporpolis (2010), Israelica (2009) and Metamorphoses (2008) for Intimadance festivals 2008-2010.

Choreography and Performance: Rotem Tashach
Text: Yuval Gal and Rotem Tashach
Dramaturgy and Rehearsal direction: Yuval Gal
Lighting Design: Amir Castro
Academic Consultant: Dr. Tal Gonen
Graphic design: Roy Litan
Musical piece  Madonna/ American Life

Yaron Yerushalmi Hall