Tzvika Iskias & Lena Rykner | Jerusalem meets Tel Aviv

An evening of 3 pieces.

A duet of mother and daughter. Denise Klein and Lena Rykner in a joint work which reflects the love and natural relation and interaction between them, the personal development and the evolution of the relationship.

The duet is a tribute to the bond of mother and child and a celebration of life, personal and universal at the same time.
Choreography and performance: Denise Klein & Lena Rykner
Music: Vivaldi, Bach
Costumes: Denise Klein
* Created with the support of ‘Yael’- Association for independent creative artists in Jerusalem and the Dance Department of the Jerusalem Municipality.

‘Ru’ah’ in Hebrew = wind, spirit, soul, essence, breath.

A human encounter between two individuals and the discovery of common ground. The creation originates and developes around the different cultural origins from which Tzvika Iskias and Lena Rykner come from, the personal history of each one, the communication and connection between them, their relationship and the investigation of the shared space.
Choreography and performance: Tzvika Iskias & Lena Rykner
Original music & soundtrack editing: Eran Hadar
Music: Kwasi Ossie, Moises Daniel, Samuel Barber
* The creation of the piece was supported by the Foundation for Independent Artists established by The Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport, Micro grant from JCU – Jerusalem Culture Unlimited, Rina Schenfeld Dance Theater, Studio Hakol Machol – Hod Hasharon

Inner happiness exists at the end, and for moments in the middle. The pain accompanies you from the moment you are born.
Artistic director: Guy Bustan
Choreography: Tzvika Iskias
Choreographer assistant: Lena Rykner
Performers: Bustan company – Aya Gazit, Hili Greenberg, Marganit Mory, Shalev Sagiv, Shiri Mizrahi, Eliya Daniel, Yael Wijsboom, Inbal Turkenitz, Maayan Semo Original Music & soundtrack editing: Eran Hadar
Music: Kwasi Ossie, Moises Daniel, Carla Morrison, Guy Cohen & Tzvika Iskias, Luigi, The Hallways (Eran Hadar Edit)

 Lighting: Ilia Feld
Performance director: Rachel Erdos
Photographer name: Natasha Shakhnes, Kat Tolkovsky & Inon Kalfon


Tzvika Iskias – dancer, actor, choreographer & dance teacher born in Ethiopia (1982) and immigrated to Israel in ‘84. Graduated the Jerusalem Academy High School of Music & Dance and studied with an honors scholarship at Alvin Ailey School of Dance in NY. Danced at Bat-Sheva Ensemble & in several projects and played in various theater, television and cinema productions. In 2009-2011 he was the house choreographer of “Beta” troupe under the management of Ruth Eshel after that he created two works produced by Suzanne Dellal.

Lena Rykner – dancer, choreographer & dance teacher born in Belgium (1990) and immigrated to Israel in ’98. Studied at the Jerusalem Academy High School of Music & Dance and graduated from the High Academy. Danced at Jerusalem Dance Theater Company and in several projects with Machol Shalem. Since 2014, dancer at Rina Schenfeld Dance Theater and creates choreographies of her own. Her works performed in: Israel, Italy, Romania & Singapore.



Yaron Yerushalmi Hall