Vertigo Power of Balance: SHAPE ON US

Nine dancers, multiple physical abilities, encountering a stage that provides grounding for expressing their capabilities, their needs, their experiences. The artistic process is based on a common understanding by the group of dancers – to tell the truth. This comes about through moments of stability and instability, of risk-taking, of tension and extreme relations, of reality and imagination, of support, loneliness, vulnerability, and love – in a space that evolves from separate bodies and their personal stories to the creation of one body, a connected human tissue that is soft and comforting. 

Choreographer | Sharon Fridman
Artistic Consultant | Noa Wertheim
Power of Balance Co-Managers | Tali Wertheim And Hai Cohen
Original Music | Noam Helfer
Costume Design | Inbal Ben Zaken – Mizo
Light & Stage Design | Sharon Fridman: Dani Fishof – Magenta
Dancers co-creative | Inbal Aloni, Tomer Navot, Grisha Lev, Noam Ben Israel, Shira Ben Uriel, Amir Ishar
Production Manager | Tamar Mayzlish
Power of Balance Producer  | Michal Goldfield-Sadot
Photography | Yoel Levy and Tomer Sheinfeild

The dancing knowledge of this Israeli-Spanish artist (Hadera, 1980) is made up of Israeli folklore and contemporary dance. He settled in Madrid ten years ago and currently leads his own dance company Compañía Sharon Fridman. His career as a dancer started in 1999 when he joined the prestigious Ido Tadmor Dance Company based in Tel Aviv. Fridman’s performance career is completed with experience in Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Vertigo Dance Company and various projects for the effervescent Suzanne Dellal Center. In 2000, at 20, he started working as a choreographer with the setting-up of Phrasal group. In 2004, he joined Mayumaná Company for four years, as choreographer and artistic coordinator. Some of his creations include the famous duet Hasta dónde…? (2011); Rizoma (2012) in co-production with Festival Paris l'été, with 70 dancers and 10 cellists; Caída Libre (2014) and its version Free Fall which incorporated 20 local volunteers, non-professional dancers; and All Ways (2016). His most recent project called Dose of Paradise is currently in creation and due to premiere in early 2020.

Dellal Hall
110 - 140₪