Compas Dance Company – Vitrage

For the first time in Israel in the field of flamenco and Spanish dance, the Israeli Flamenco Dance Company (artistic director: Mijal Natan) presents a project that provides a platform for new work and creators:
6 works by 6 choreographers of the next generation – diverse, original, different and interesting works:
Hadas Nestel – 'Ella' – a work that deals with violence against women in Israeli society and its long-term effects
Lynn Haddad – 'Aliyah' – a work that deals with the subject of 'Aliyah' and all its struggles, frustration and cultural discoveries.
Rali Margalit – 'That Night' – The piece breathes life into one enigmatic nocturnal moment that shone and passed 
Yadin Miller – 'Babylon' – The story of the end of the flood (Genesis).
Ayelet Shachar – 'Seguiriyas' – a work for one dancer that tells of struggle, pain, inner death and resurrection
Michaela Harari – 'Sultans' – a work that demonstrates the richness of the history of flamenco art while traveling to the past inspired by ancient Andalusian culture.

Among the numbers will be a kind of "commercials", short, humorous transitions in the choreography of Hadas Nestel.

Artistic Director: Mijal Natan
Choreographers: Michaela Harari, Lynn Hadad, Yadin Miller, Rally Margalit, Hadas Nestel, Ayelet Shachar
Costumes: Veronica Schur
Lighting design: Yaakov Bercy
Rehearsal management: Moran Ron
Performance management: Orna Gretz
Management, marketing and production: Keren Regev-Aviv
Photography: Eyal Hirsch

Dellal Hall
120 - 150₪