Zohar Karny and Dana Naim Hafouta – Two Rounds

Two.Rounds is a double feature evening that responds to an inner, colorful and compulsive world, that remains hidden from eye. In the two pieces by Dana Naim Hafouta and Zohar Karny, the performers’ mental and physical actions are directed, almost involuntary, by a system of inner codes. Their active presence is presented in an enigmatic yet sustainable aesthetic, that invited the outer eye to peek through an imaginary semi open door:

Show Me a Wondrous Moment, Even In a Flash’ explores the discontinuity of existence, discontinuity that is embodied in physical, mental and technological flashes and their constant cut: the existence as an endless interruption and unachieved effort.
Play Misty for me’: Solo dance work that vigorously sketches a complex portrait of an archetype character, who represents grotesque and yet graceful polarity, a disturbing tenderness, and peaceful neuroticism. It explores the powerful essence of the concept of longing.


Dana Naim Hafouta is an Israeli dancer and choreographer. Graduate in honors of the BA and MA program in Jerusalem Academy of music and dance. Her pieces performed in various venues and festivals in Israel and abroad: Quinzena De Danca De Almada, Portugal; Istanbul Fringe, Turkey ; SzoloDuo, Hungary; and many more. As a dancer, Dana worked with JDT company (2013-2015), has worked with the choreographers Sahar Azimi, Maya Brinner and Sharon Kashi, and is currently collaborating profoundly with the choreographer Annabelle Dvir.

Zohar Karny, independent artist – Choreographer, dancer, director, and executive producer in the performance art arena based in Israel. First Prize Winner of the Gertrud Krause Foundation for Choreography. During 2019-2021 Zohar created works for the Jerusalem Academy Dance Ensemble, alongside the renowned artistic director Maleni Berson. While emerging in the acting and theatre field, Zohar was recently invited to work as a movement director at the prestigious institute of Nissan Nativ Acting Studio (Israel).

Show Me a Wondrous Moment, Even In a Flash’
Choreography, video and sound editing: Dana Naim Hafouta
Performance: Hilla Regev, Dana Naim Hafouta
Dancer-collaborator: Bar Bisker
The piece is supported by the ministry of culture, and the choreographers association.
“Play Misty For Me’
Choreography and directing: Zohar Karny
Performance: Naya Serfaty
Soundtrack Editing ,Video art, Body Paintings: Zohar karny
The piece premiered in and was supported by ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ festival 2022, JLM IL.

Photographer : Dan Ben Ari; Yoav Triftman; Danny Kitri.

Yaron Yerushalmi Hall