Solo dance work that vigorously sketches a complex portrait of an archetype character, who represents grotesque and yet graceful polarity, a disturbing tenderness, and peaceful neuroticism. The extraordinary performance of Dancer and Artist Naya Serfaty, who moves through space switching between movements and different mental states explores the powerful essence of the concept of longing. The composition is shaped in a 60’s &70’s cinematic space and is inspired by the movie “Play Misty For Me” written by Jo Heims and directed by Clint Eastwood.

Zohar Karny is an independent artist – Choreographer, performer, director, and executive producer in the performance art arena based in Israel. First Prize Winner of the Gertrud Krause Foundation for Choreography. Zohar holds a master’s degree in dance from The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Director of the ABG workshops for dance and movement for performers and musicians. A scholar and researcher in the field of traditional body cultures of West and Central Africa. During 2019-2021 Zohar created works for the Jerusalem Academy Dance Ensemble, alongside the renowned artistic director Maleni Berson. While emerging in the performance and theatre field, Zohar works as a movement director at Ruth Kanner Theater Group. Zohar’s stage works are interdisciplinary and involve choreography, movement, video art, voice and sound production, theatre, and costume design.

Zoha’rs prominent works: QUANTIZED SOULS
Tales – A playful Dance for two Play Misty For Me

Choreography and directing: Zohar Karny
Performance: Naya Serfaty
Soundtrack Editing: Zohar karny
Lighting: Amir Castro
Video art: Zohar karny
Body Painting: Zohar karny
Costume: Zohar Karny
Stage Manager: Yasmin Gariv


Yaron Yerushalmi Hall